23 Aug N°03 African Child

African Child!
Today is your day… Arise!
You are an African child… Hope
Dream and make your imagination true
Walk tall African child, You belong!
Read and lead the world
. You are free… Fly and become!
Articulate your vison child, it is possible
Step by step learn from your mistakes
Forgive and let… Always strive for new heights
Pray and play it is good for you child
Dump the past and jump to the future
Don’t shy to cry… try and try it will be
Create and relate with your environment
When it gets tough it may be hard to laugh… but still… Hope
Keep the sweet memories in your heart
Make and play your music… it is in us – Shake!
In the midst of all, hold on to your discipline
Respect the elders but cautiously so
And when you get your own, tell them about Africa
Tell your story… Our story – History
Share the warmth of Africa
Prove right our ideals
Go and come back home… Africa
Keep rising child – Represent with no fear
Stay natural, you are beautiful…
your skin glows and your strong hair affirms your identity
Embrace peace, Shun hate and love freely
Stay healthy… Eat from the fruits of our land
With every sunrise in the amazing Africa… You are blessed
In all your walks remember you belong to a Family… Stay close
Above all, you are African! Africa is proud of you
Shine your light! Be great!